Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. S.K. Dhakad (HOD)

  • Designation: Professor& Head of the Department
  • Qualification: Ph.D.
  • Area of Interest: Thermal Engineering, Design, Simulation and Modeling
  • Phone No: 9340282363
  • E-Mail:

About the Mechanical Engineering Department

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department of UIT-RGPV, Shivpuri established in the year 2020 with Intake of 60 Students. At present the department offers Graduate Course. Mechanical Engineering Department is highly reputed for producing eminent Engineers as Professionals, Researchers and Entrepreneurs. Department has strong Industry-Institute Collaboration and developed state of art laboratories supported by Industries the Department has well-equipped Laboratories such as Center of Excellence Power Engineering and Renewable Energy (PERE).


To be recognized as a provider of high quality education in the field of Mechanical Engineering that enables graduates to meet the needs of society and to craft intellectually- adept research centers with world class competency and cutting edge proficiency.


  • Constantly updating the departmental resources, faculty and other infrastructure by acquiring the state of the art equipment’s and by imparting constant in-service training to the faculty and supporting staff.
  • Promoting skilled and employable graduates to meet the challenges in emerging fields of engineering.
  • To prepare the students for prosperous career in entrepreneurship with leader ship qualities, ethics and human values.
  • The department executes life-long learning skills and provides engineering services for sustainable development of the society.

Faculty Members:

1. Dr. S. K Dhakad, Professor & Head

2. Mr. Dharmendra Singh Rajput, Contract Faculty

3. Mr. Priyank Lohiya, Contract Faculty

4. Mr. Pooran Singh Dhakad, Guest Faculty

5. Mr. Palash Goyal, Guest Faculty

6. Mr. Sanjeev Verma, DTE Guest Faculty

7. Mr. Nitin Bankey, DTE Guest Faculty

Lab Assistant

Mr. Sanjay Dhakar

Major Laboratories/ Equipment’s of the Department


Name of the Laboratory

Name of Important Equipment

1. I.C. Engine Lab Two Stoke Petrol Engine Test rig , Four Stroke Single cylinder Diesel Engine Test rig , working Modes of Break , Clutches , Flywheels , etc., Valve Time diagram measurement arrangement , Engine Performance analysis arrangements like , determination Specific Fuel consumption , BHP, IP, etc..
2. Thermal Engineering lab/ Thermal Engineering& Gas Dynamic lab Reynolds apparatus, mouth piece apparatus etc. Dryness fraction Measure apparatus, water cooling tower test rig, study of gas charging process, separating and throttling Calorimeter, Wind Tunnel, Air Blower test rig
3. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning lab AC Test rig, Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System, Cooling tower test rig, study of Electrolux refrigeration, vapor compression.
4. Fluid Mechanics lab Pitot tube, venturi meter and orifice apparatus, Cc, Cv, notch apparatus, Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus, hydraulic test bench etc.
5. Theory of machine and Mechanical vibration lab Model of Epicyclic gear planet, Single Plate clutch whitworth quick return mechanism, Motorized gyroscopic apparatus, Cut section model of constant mesh gear box, inversion of 4-bar mechanism, Claw clutch, multiplate clutch, centrifugal clutch, slider crank mechanism, oscillating cylinder mechanism, four bar mechanism, reciprocating engine mechanism, epicyclic gear sun, model of synchronous gear box with clutch, rope brake dynamometer, Prony brake dynamometer etc.
6. Heat and Mass Transfer Parallel flow, counter flow heat exchanger apparatus, natural convection from vertical cylinder apparatus, critical heat flux drop wise and film wise apparatus, emissivity measurement, pin fin in natural/forced convection apparatus separating and throttling calorimeter, thermal conductivity of metal rod apparatus, thermal conductivity of insulating powder, forced convection from horizontal cylinder apparatus etc. lagged pipe apparatus, Thermal conductivity of insulating powder etc.
7. Basic Mechanical Engineering Models of boilers-Loffler Boiler, Benson boiler, Cochran Boiler, Valox Boiler, Cornish Boiler, La mount Boiler, Babcock & Wilcox Boiler, Lancashire Boiler, 2-stroke Petrol/Diesel engine,4-stroke Petrol/Diesel engine
8. Turbo machinery lab Reciprocating pump test rig, Centrifugal pump test rig, Forced vortex apparatus, Pelton wheel turbine test rig, Francis turbine test rig, Francis turbine test rig, Kaplan turbine test rig etc.

Figure of Machine

Name of machine

TIG Welding Machine

Radial Drilling Machine

Lathe Machine

Piller Type Drilling Machine

Shaper Machine

Horizontal Milling Machine

Blast Furnace Machine

CNC Wooden Lathe Machine

Slotter Machine

Spindle Moulder Machine

Welding Machine

Arc Welding Machine

Gas Welding Machine

Power Hammer Machine

Padesdal Grinding Machine