Director's Message

DirectorRole of an educator is to guide and nurture the next generation – in developing the requisite skillset and moral-ethical framework for achieving economic prosperity, sound health and meaningful life that contributes to the socio-economic development of the society.

As Founding Director of Shivpuri Institute of Technology, It is realised the challenging but critical role of establishing the goals, determining the nature and shaping the process of this institute, that will strive to contribute for the betterment of our society for years to come.

Mission is to establish the institute as a centre of excellence for technical education – disseminating affordable and quality technical education and producing globally competent, technically tempered and socially responsible manpower to meet national and global challenges.

Collaboration and coordination between an inspired staff, empowered students and community is imperative to achieve our mission.

It is believed that the Director of the institute must be an avid supporter of effective and innovative professional development that encourages teachers to be reflective and to continuously examine our practice of providing quality teaching and learning for each student. Having quality, innovative, creative, inspirational and passionate teachers is essential to an institute's success. Role of Director is to keep up with latest trends and research and be an active partner in the institute's professional developments. Celebrating successes and acknowledging contributions of staff, students and community is fundamental to a happy institute environment. All staff, students and community should feel valued and appreciated at the institute.

Faculty and management are committed to creating a culture that values collegiality and accessibility, with open doors at all levels.

On the bedrock of core values, this institute will continue to scale up over the next decade to build a technical institute of international repute.

Prof. Rakesh Singhai
SIT, Shivpuri